Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sick baby....

It all started way back on Tuesday when Landon woke up. He felt a little warm and seemed like he was coming down with a cold. Things went ok on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then in the middle of the night on Wednesday, Landon began throwing up. He only threw up a couple times, but definitely was in the midst of a cold. Over the day on Thursday and Friday, Landon continued to run a fever and slept most of the day. I was already off work, because our daycare provider was on vacation. It seemed as though Landon was feeling better by Friday evening, and even attempted to eat some supper. Through the night and into the morning on Saturday, Landon was definately not feeling well. Landon's temperature reached 103.6 degrees. I called the clinic and they had an opening. That was nice because we didn't have to go to the ER. We got to the clinic and they said Landon was really straining to breath. The diagnosed Landon with brochiolitis and a double ear infection. The nurse did a nebulizer treatement before we left which helped dramaticaly. Needless to say, we are now fever free, but not pain free. Landon's ears still seemed to be bothering him, but we have only had two doses of antibiotic so far. We are also doing the nebulizer treatments at home (we bought the nebulizer when Landon got RSV last year). Those are not going so well. I had lots of plans for our vacation, but it mostly consisited of rocking. That's ok, I'm just glad to see my baby on the mend!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Strike a pose

Someday, Landon is really going to hate me for taking these photos. I'll deal with that when the time comes. For now, I just can't resist capturing all these wonderful moments! On Wednesday, we were getting ready to go to Landon's appointment. Anytime you try and get Landon dressed he runs away. He loves running around in just his diaper, and would probably love to have his diaper off if I let him. Anyway, this morning, as usual Landon took off. He ran into the living room and grabbed my scarf. He put the scarf on and took off for the patio door. Good thing the camera is always close by!
Doesn't he look like a little cupid?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dermatology Appointment

Today, Landon and I met with a Dermatologist in Onalaska, WI. This is the appointment we waited two months for! Landon has officially been diagnosed with having eczema. The Dr. said this is something Landon will continue to have until he is a teenager, and we just need to stay on top of. Some of the things Dr. Waumpler suggested we are already doing. For example, applying lotion within three minutes after a bath, using a humidifier, using a free and clear detergent, medicated ointments, etc. One of the things we will be changing is getting rid of all of the baby lotions and washes. We now have to use Cetaphil body wash and lotion. This is not a prescription and I found it at Target. We are to apply lotion at least twice a day, more if possible. We also have to continue to apply one of the antibiotic ointments we have and have a new steroid cream to apply. All this sounds pretty easy to manage, and I remind myself that Landon is still a healthy and happy toddler!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Eryn!

My niece Eryn turns 5 on Monday the 23rd. Last night we celebrated by having a party at her house. It was such a nice time, and the food and cake were delicious. Landon seemed to be a little overwhelmed at first and stuck close to Mom and Dad for most of the night.

After signing Happy Birthday to Eryn, all her cousins gathered around her for pictures. Nolan is missing from the photos because he was taking a nap. Eryn's cousin Lexie decided she couldn't wait to try the cake! Adults were quick to take the cake away!

Opening one of many presents!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eryn & Nolan

Last night, Eryn and Nolan came over to play while their Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a kid free dinner. We had so much fun, and they loved playing with Landon's toy's, especially his new car. Landon had so much fun trying to imitate Nolan, and laughing at everything the two of them did. Here they are after they got ready for bed. Needless to say, none of them were all that tired.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


On Tuesday, Jer took off work to go to a large farm auction in Waukon. Jer and my Dad had already gone to Waukon on Sunday to scope things out. With Jer beginning to work a small portion of our farm land this year, he decided he needed a haybine. Jer will be working just a couple acres and making small squares of hay. Isn't it pretty. The most important part, he came in $750 under budget!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

15 month appointment

Yesterday, Landon had his fifteen month appointment. He weighed 24 pounds exactly and was 31 1/4 inches long. He is in the 50th percentile for height which is up a little bit, and he was in the 40th percentile for weight which was down a little bit. No surprise that his head circumfrance is still in the 75th percentile. The Dr. said that Landon appears to be right on track growing and developing and said he appears to be a very healthy boy. She did encourage me to keep his dermotology appointment for next week Wednesday. While the staff infection has cleared up nicely, the initial three spots are still present and still itchy for Landon. Dr. Schilling said it appears to be eczema, but wasn't sure why the steroid cream wouldn't have cleared it up for at least a little bit. So, I will be taking Landon to LaCrosse next Wednesday the 25th of March. The other good news at Landon's appointment was that he didn't need any shots! He was scheduled to get one at 15 months and one at 18 months, and she said we could combine them and do them both at his 18 month appointment.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Car troubles...

After only a week there are car troubles. Mom and Dad better get this thing insured quick! First, I took the corner too tight and the cozy coupe got hung up on Elke's bed. I know, I should have been wearing my seat belt. Then, I ran out of gas. Don't worry, the car runs well on milk! Better run- Landon!

Friday, March 13, 2009

15 months old

Today, Landon is 15 months old. Landon is changing everyday and starting to verbally communicate more. Landon still uses quite a bit of sign language to express his needs. I think it is so neat to see him do this because then I really knows what he is trying to say. When Landon pulls on the fridge and cries, I ask him if he wants milk or water, and he will sign which he prefers. Some of the new signs Landon's using are: sleep, shoes, hair, cracker and where. Some of the words Landon's using are: Mom, Dad, uh-oh, and ish (gold fish crackers).
Landon is certainly no angel, and continues to have his fair share of temper tantrums.
Landon is intrigued by everything but his toys.
Uncle Randy was over last weekend and was trying to get Landon to give a thumbs up. We've been working on it since then. Here is Landon trying to give a thumbs up!

Landon has his top four and bottom four teeth and is also working on three of four molars. This has meant for some early mornings. We will all be glad when they come in. Landon has his 15 month check on Tuesday. He will get shots and check how his staff infection is clearing up. Although the spots are still there we are hoping for a good report!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Landon's new car

Landon got a couple duplicate items for Christmas, so I returned them and was excited to buy him his first set of wheels! Unlike most toys, Landon seems to be really excited about this one. He couldn't wait for it to get assembled and kept climbing in. He also thought he needed to help and was carrying around the screw driver. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can take it outside!
Safety first!

Spring is on it's way...

Just a sign that spring is on it's way. The geese have returned to our backyard!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another skin update

I heard back from the Dr. today, and it is official. Landon has staff infection. How he got it, we have no idea, but hopefully after some intense medications we will get it cleared up. We are to continue putting on the antibiotic ointment for another week, and will now be giving Landon an oral antibiotic as well. I can only hope this gets cleared up soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The baba is back?

Landon and I were cleaning in his room yesterday- time to rearrange and pack some things away. Landon found his baby bottles and his eyes light up! I thought what the heck, this will keep him out of my hair for at least fifteen minutes. He was a little disappointed when nothing came out of the bottle, but then realized it was soothing to chew on. Landon is currently working on two of his bottom molars. They just started to poke threw, so we have a ways to go yet before they come in. Landon chewed on the bottle for quite a while. By the time he was done, his shirt was soaked. He moved on to other things and didn't even care when I packed away the bottles!