Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Side by side comparison

I recently dug a pair of pajamas out of storage and the second I put them on Asher, memories flooded back from when Landon was the same age.  I distinctly remember Landon wearing these pajamas and standing up in his crib, in fact,  I blogged about it here.  So just for kicks and giggles, here is a side by side comparison. Landon is on the left at 8 months old and Asher is on the right at 10 months old. 
Brothers?  I think so!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Our weekend...

We took advantage of the 90 degree weather and lived outside...all weekend...

Nap time rolled around and there were wet shirts and shorts from playing in the water.  That led to Landon taking a nap in his underwear.  After nap it was time for a snack and we were back outside (with shorts back on.)

Good morning!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swing batter batter

Obviously since it's been about 6 weeks since I last blogged, these pictures were taken a while ago.  
Landon is really into sports lately and says he wants to play baseball and soccer.  Well, soccer is already over for the season, but t-ball will be starting soon.  Here he is trying to work on his skills...

Landon year 4

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Baby shower and wedding

Last weekend was a super busy and super fun weekend.  Saturday started when I hosted a baby shower for my baby sister.  My sister is expecting a baby BOY next month and we are so super excited to meet him!!

Here is the Momma to be.  Absolutely glowing!
 The girlies in the fam, myself, Jodi and our sister-in-law Cathy and niece Eryn. 
 Baby clothes are so much fun!
 It was such a great time, and it was so nice to have our family and friends come on over and shower this new Momma with some love.

After my sister's shower, it was time to head on over to the winery in Fredricksburg for a wedding.  It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding!
My boys looking so handsome!
 Grandma Debbie and Landon.
 Great Grandma Barb, Grandma Debbie and the boys. 
 The best photo we could get of us.
After Andrew and Becky's reception, we headed off to my cousin Garrett's graduation party.  It was such a beautiful day, and we are so blessed to have this wonderful family!

10 months

At 10 months old, Asher was:
  • walking around furniture and walking behind push toys.
  • babbling momma and dadda, but not sure what they mean.
  • eating table food and lots of it.  The only thing that Asher does not like so far are plan cheerios.  So far he likes everything else from black olives to blueberries to Mexican food.
  • taking two naps a day.  Sometimes he could use more :)
  • going to bed around 7:30 pm and waking between 5:30-6:00 am.  
  • completely afraid of strangers.  Unfortunately, Asher is not handling the nursery at church well.
  • has had a continuous ear infection since February.  :(  We have been on every antibiotic there is, and in an effort to avoid getting tubes put in, we are going to the chiropractor twice a week.  
  • a happy baby, who absolutely adores his big brother.  If Mommy and Daddy can't cheer him up, Landon can.