Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potty in the potty chair?

This afternoon when I picked Landon up from daycare, Bernice says to me, "I have to tell you what Landon did today." I immediately thought, 'Oh no.' Bernice began to laugh and said, "It's not bad." She said that when Landon woke up from his nap this afternoon his diaper was dry. Another little boy who is one year older than Landon had just woke up from his nap as well so she put each boy on a potty chair. Landon sat on the potty chair for a little bit and gave Bernce a sense that he knew what he should be doing. And then, the other little boy started to go #2. That's when Landon got up to see what he was doing. And then...Landon peed all of the floor and the other little boys pants. So Bernice quickly grabbed the potty chair and placed it in front of Landon as he finished going to the bathroom. And this Landon, is your first memory of going potty in the potty chair.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yum, yum...

Last night I made spaghetti, but instead of spaghetti noodles, we used spaghetti squash. Landon loved it! He made a mess, but it was bath night so who really cares?! It was so yummy!

Picking out the perfect pumpkin

This weekend Landon and I stopped at a pumpkin stand to pick up pumpkins for around the house. Landon had fun picking out his pumpkin and even carried it all by himself!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Farmer's Market

I just have to say that I love our local Farmer's Market. I wish I made it every week, but I don't. I did make it there right away on Saturday morning and picked up this HUGE Mum plant. I bought it from some Mennonites and it was only $10. I love it!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Landon really does like his new bed...

It turns out Landon really likes his new bed after all! Landon actually got in his top two eye teeth last weekend, and had a cold as well. I know the cold was separate from teething because he still has it, and Jer and I now have it as well :( Landon has been sleeping really well this past week, with the exception of rolling out of bed two more times. Bad Mom, I really need to get to Walmart and look for a side to put up. On my list for tomorrow. Anyway, Landon thinks it's funny to stand on his bed and jump. I on the other hand do not think it is funny. I think he is starting to test his limits. Have I mentioned that he is going to be two soon!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big boy bead

For whatever reason, Jer and I decided it was time to convert Landon's crib to a big boy bed. Landon's Grandma Merrill gave him this bed when he was born, which was made by the Amish. It is so cool because it converts from a crib to a toddler bed, then to a full size bed. I was so excited to find a good deal on bedding and matching stickers at Target last weekend. This may have sparked the transition :)On Friday night, Landon slept in his new big boy bed for the first time. It didn't go great. Landon woke up five times crying. Almost every time, he was sitting on the floor in the middle of his room. After a quick hug to reassure him it was ok, I put him back in his bed and he went back to sleep. Last night was about the same, only he woke up three times.

Today he has a horrible cold. I also got to feel that one of his top eye teeth finally popped through, and the other one on the top is very close. Not sure if the cold is related to teething, but it all may have contributed to him not sleeping well. I do need to look for one of those mesh sides that can be put on toddler beds. This will give me a sense of security that he won't roll out of bed in the middle of the night, and may help ease his transition.

NICC Fall Fest

On Thursday night, I took Landon up to NICC (local community college) for their Fall Fest. Landon loved walking around and watching all the kids playing and having a good time. I took Landon over to play one game where you pick up the moving duck. Whatever number was on the bottom of the duck you got to pick a prize out of the matching numbers box. Landon picked up a duck but didn't want a prize. I chose stickers for him thinking they might come in handy some day. On our way out we stopped by and got some cotton candy. I hould have known better, Landon wanted nothing to do with it. We'll see if that changes someday. For now, he is my good vegetable eater and doesn't want much to do with candy. Unless it's chocolate!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun with the Murray's

On Labor Day we hosted the Murray family at our house. Pictured above is Landon with Lucy, Russel and new baby Hazel. Landon had a blast playing with them and is definitely tired this evening!
Here is Grandma Merrill helping the kids with bubbles. None of them are going to need soap in their bathes tonight!
And Elke amongst the sea of toys. She loves to play too!

Bean bag tournament

After family pictures on Saturday morning, we went home to watch the Iowa Game, and then went to my brothers for a bean bag tournament. I haven't played in many years and was a little skeptical. However, it was so much fun!! My teammate was Patty, and we didn't win, but we did pretty good! I am already looking forward to the next time I can play!
Landon playing with sidewalk chalk for the first time. He found out it doesn't taste as good as it looks!
Landon and Nolan

Sabelka Family Pictures

On Saturday we took family pictures. We gave my Mom & Dad a gift certificate for Christmas and finally got to use it. After two incidents of broken bones in the family, the third time of scheduling is the charm. To view the rest of the pictures, go to http://www.photosbymelissaw.com/default4.asp click on "events", then scroll down until you see our picture, after you click on it, you can type in any email address and the password is doris.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lost video footage

I stumbled across this video the other day and realized I never posted it. It is probably one of my favorites, and I can't help but smile when I watch it. Landon either, he loves watching videos of himself. He says, "Baby." Anyway, you might be able to tell Landon has his leg cast on, so this was from a couple months ago!