Friday, August 21, 2009

Walking the dog?

I love this new stage of Landon's life - he is starting to use his imagination more and more. This morning Landon saw Elke's leash hanging up in the garage. He repeatedly said, "Want." I gave Landon Elke's leash and he went inside to try and put it on Elke. With a little assistance from Mom, Elke was ready for her walk around the house. Except, Elke would not budge. I know Elke was thinking, "What on earth is he doing?"
Even with a little pull, Landon could not get Elke to go for a walk.
So I hooked up Landon's cow to the leash. This made Landon even more upset because the cow's legs kept falling down. He would stand the cow back up and try and pull the cow, again the cow would fall on it's tummy.
Several stuffed animals later, I hooked up the dog who is already in a laying down position. This way we didn't have to worry about the animal not being able to stand on it's legs. This was a lot of fun until Elke started to chase it and bite at the stuffed puppy.
Landon came over by me where I was getting breakfast ready. Landon said, "Treat, treat." I gave Landon a piece of my granola cereal. Landon tried feeding it to the stuffed puppy saying, "eat." The puppy wouldn't eat it. Elke came over and waited for the right opportunity to snatch it up. What a fun morning!

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