Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving Play

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to sneak up on Landon and his second grade class at SW Elementary.  They've been working hard over the course of a week preparing for a little Thanksgiving play.  This class did not disappoint. 

The play was set to begin at 12:45 pm.  I got there a bit early and most of his class was out for recess.  Landon and two other classmates were in the classroom with their teacher working on various projects.
This fun little set was spread out throughout the classroom from trees, to sticks and brush to a Thanksgiving table. 

Our little guy had the privilege of being a narrator.  He took this job very seriously.  Despite having the opportunity to read off the script, he still practiced his lines every night.  We worked on emphasizing words and changing his tone when needed.  Although he tried to play it cool, he was excited to have a microphone. 
There were several animals in the play including a woodchuck, crow, rabbit, sheep and of course a turkey. 

All the kids did such a great job.  Everyone was attentive and remembered their lines.  In the end, the turkey was saved!  It was so cute.  Great job to Mrs. Kriener and the second grade class.  Mrs. Kriener is so kind and patient with the kids.  Knowing the kids were excited, several parents were there, and they were minutes away from their holiday break, she let parents take serious photos and then a few silly photos as well.  I know she was taking a video, so I'll see if I can get my hands on that at some point and share that as well. 

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