Friday, May 21, 2010

This bites!

 UPDATE:  I called the Dr. this morning and she wanted to see Landon before the end of the day.  Once we got there, she thought the swelling (which swelled up a lot more after I took this picture), was severe enough that she wanted to use the EpiPen.  After doing some research, she found out that too much time had past since the bite, so she could not give it to him.  We did get a couple prescriptions, one being an oral steroid that should help the swelling go down quickly.  The other prescription is to help prevent any future swelling that should occur if he gets bit again.  I know this may sound crazy, but Jer and I decided to hold off giving that to Landon at this time.  We don't like the idea of over medicating when we're not sure what he is allergic to in the first place.  We will however be very conscious about putting on lots of bug spray before going outside.  We also have an appointment to see the allergy specialist in LaCrosse on June 8th.  We will then hopefully find out exactly what Landon is allergic to.  Maybe its not mosquitos?
Not sure what to do about this kid and his mosquito bites.  I guess we don't go outside EVER!  Landon got another mosquito bite, this time behind the other ear.  I'm sensing a pattern here...Anyway, the swelling goes down his neck and even into his cheek.  This is causing him pain, as he is whimpering a lot this morning.  I think I'm going to give our Dr. a call and see what she thinks about this one.

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Lisa said...

Love the title of the post! It certainly does bite! I know having him react like that to the bites is a pain, literally for him, but I'm praying that's ALL that it is!