Sunday, May 23, 2010

Goin for a ride

Saturday was a busy day as usual.  Would you expect anything less?  It was my Saturday to work, so that consumed most of my day.  Jeremy was home, but had a lot of things going on, so Landon hung out with Auntie Jo Jo.  This after he was home with Daddy in the morning and went #2 on the potty.  Yay Landon! 

After I got home from work and unpacked the groceries, Jer and I tackled cleaning the house.  He's such a great husband!  Our little treat in the evening was a Jeep ride.  We didn't go on Jer's off roading trails, just a little spin on the trails around the farm.
 Landon had a great time driving riding!
What, I can't drive?
It was such a perfect evening.
We made sure to put on lots of bug repellent.  So far so good.  On a side note, the oral steroids have worked awesome.  We were supposed to do them for five days, but the swelling is completely gone, so we will stop after two. 

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