Monday, May 31, 2010

Jeeps, jeeps and more jeeps

On Saturday, I went to Decorah to grab some groceries, and swung in at a movie rental place that is closing.  We stumbled across this movie called Tugger.  It is about a jeep that wants to fly.  It's already been watched about a dozen times.  It is super cute!
On Sunday, the real jeeps (and big trucks), came out for a little four-wheeling.  When Jer's club came out a few weeks ago, the river was too high to cross.  If you ask Jeremy, he will tell you that it wasn't too high, the current was just too fast.  Either way, they planned another trip up here.  There were a lot of new jeeps and trucks, and as always, it was so much fun to participate!
It was rather warm out, but the weather was really just perfect!
While the boys were in the woods playing working, we found other ways to stay cool!
A new pool!  Because he took a four hour nap yesterday afternoon, Landon didn't get a chance to try it out yet, but, it is a three day weekend, and we have one more day left!
And Elke found shade.

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