Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy 9th to a beautiful little girl...

This past Saturday, we celebrated the 9th Birthday of my beautiful niece Eryn.  Maybe I'm a little partial because she was the first born.  Maybe I'm partial because I'm her Godmother.  Maybe I'm partial because she's my only niece.  Maybe I'm partial, but she's the most wonderful 9 year old I know.
 Eryn chose to celebrate with her friends at the roller skating rink.  She was sweet enough to invite her cousin Landon.  Here she is pictured with her friends. 
Landon was a lot of talk all week.  I can't wait to go roller skating...I don't need your help Mom...I know how to do it all by myself Mom...
That is until we got inside the roller skating rink.  We walked up to grab some roller skates and he had the death grip on my hand.  I asked Landon what was wrong and all he could do was shake his head.  I asked Landon if he wanted to roller skate and all he could do was shake his head.  I should have put money on it.  When it comes to trying new things, Landon would rather watch from the sidelines.
Regardless, the fun continued.  The girls had fun skating, and Landon enjoyed watching from the side.  Landon was pleasantly surprised when a classmate of his showed up.  Landon did venture away for a bit and checked out the video games with his friend.
Eryn got a lot of fun presents from her friends.  As always, our gift is always a nice pair of shoes.  This year she got a pair of Under Armour tennis shoes.  They were grey, electric blue and hot pink.  Hopefully she liked them!

Happy Birthday Eryn, thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you!

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