Friday, March 22, 2013

20 {at twenty}

So I'm a smidge late, but our sweet little red haired baby boy is twenty months old.  He continues to bring such joy to our family and is showing us a bit more of his spunky personality every day.  Here's twenty things you may or may not know about Asher.
  1. There's a whole lot of teeth in that mouth.  Asher just recently got his bottom two eye teeth, and is working on his top one's.  Normally, Asher sleeps really well, but this has him waking a couple times a night fussing.  Thankfully he is always able to fall back asleep on his own. 
  2. Speaking of sleep...before the time change, Asher was going to bed around 7:30 p.m. and waking around 5:30 a.m.  After the time change, he's hanging on a bit longer, and going down around 8:00 p.m., but still waking at his usual time between 5 and 5:30 a.m.  Yaaaaaawwwn....
  3. For the past few months, we have been rocking Asher to sleep.  This started happening when he was suffering from ear infections and we never stopped after he had tubes put in.  We decided that it was time to fix his sleeping habits and after two nights, Asher now falls asleep on his own, in his bed.  In fact, he will tug on your hand and lead you to his room when he's ready for nap or bed.  (Except in the photo below!)
  4. Asher loves to boogie.  Asher loves to dance to Rhianna, Casting Crowns, Train and has even been caught busting a move to advertisements on NPR
  5. Asher is a cuddle bug.  Every morning, he makes his rounds.  Daddy, Mommy, Landon and it even continues when he gets to daycare.  He runs in the house, Bernice picks him up and he hangs on.  Such a little cuddler.
  6. Asher has the cutest little "Oh."  Slightly bent at the hips with one hand on his knee, and the other one covering his "Oh" mouth, it may be the cutest little thing he does.
  7. He has become quite fond of a blanket.  It doesn't matter which blanket, but he likes to have one close by, especially when he is tired.  I secretly hope he becomes attached to a blanket because I think it's cute. 
  8. Asher loves milk.  Like, a lot.  Like no child should be drinking this much milk.  As in, he would chose milk over food any day of the week.
  9. Despite being called a girl quite frequently, Asher still has not gotten a haircut.
  10. Asher can give a pretty mean stare down.  He's good.  I challenge you to try beating him.  He's that good.
  11. Asher loves chocolate.  If you got it and he see's it, he stomps his chubby little feet up and down repeatedly.  He loves chocolate. 
  12. Animal noises are a lot of fun.  Asher can moo a pretty good cow and his dog barks are rather loud.  Asher loves the animal noises app on the ipad.  The pig is his favorite, but he's a little too shy to make a pig noise.  It's pretty adorable.
  13. Water - what else can I say about it.  You've seen a few pictures of him hopping in the tub with his clothes on.  If not, click here and here.
  14. Asher can understand almost everything you tell him, but can't seem to put the words together to talk yet.  So far his vocabulary is still pretty limited to "Mama," "Dada," "Bro bro" for brother, "Roo roo" for Elke Ruby, "Bop bop" for Grandpa and "No" for no and snow.
  15. Asher has figured out how to open doors.  Yes, that includes the doors to outside. 
  16. Asher loves to 'help' in the kitchen.  He pushes a chair up to the countertop and wants to be a part of everything you're doing.  Measuring, pouring, mixing, you name it.  If there is water in the sink, the chair quickly gravitates to that and his hands are soon in the water and he could care less about what we're making.  Here's just one example. 
  17. Asher is a book worm.  It's absolutely adorable to see him pointing to a picture on a page and bust out laughing.  Oh to know what's going on in that big imagination of his.
  18. I have a feeling that when the weather turns nice, it is going to be real hard to get this little boy in from outside.  He loves being outside in the snow, or "No" as he likes to call it. 
  19. Asher has a small fetish with shoes.  His shoes, Mommy's shoes, Daddy's shoes or shoes in a shoe store.  We were shopping for some new running shoes a few weeks ago.  Asher insisted on taking his shoes off at the shoe store because he thought he needed to try shoes on as well.  Not sure where this is going to go in the future...
  20. Almost every week in church this child brings me to tears.  While it's a bit distracting to us, Asher sits with us for our entire church service.  Landon goes into his Sunday school room, but Asher throws a fit if we try to leave him in the nursery.  At the beginning of the service the band (who is absolutely ah-mazing) plays for about twenty minutes. While we stand and worship, Asher usually bounces back and forth between the arms of Jer and I.  Asher will sing his little heart out and lift his hand high in the air to praise our Father.  I don't know if he knows exactly what he's doing, but I hope he doesn't ever stop.  It absolutely melts my heart and brings tears to my eyes.
So happy 20 months Asher, can't wait to see what the next 20 brings!

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