Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Asher's crawling

It's leap day, it's hump day and it's the day that Asher first crawled forward.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yes, I am still here...

Hey there!  I know it's been two weeks, and I've alarmed some, but I'm back.

Let's get up to speed shall we.  It started with a little bit of the flu.  Asher, although may not show it, has a bit of a weak stomach.  So when he throws up his entire bottle for no reason, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.   However, the flu was going around daycare a bit and big brother seemed to not be feeling well one evening.  Landon never got sick to his stomach, but Asher did several times.  Asher went from sleeping 11 hours at night to sleeping 3 (and not in a row).  Ughh...

After the flu passed, Asher still wasn't sleeping better.  Jer took him in to the Dr. and he ended up with his first ear infection.  We just finished the antibiotics tonight thankfully, because that weak stomach means throwing up antibiotics as well.  Finally, my super happy baby is back!!  It's amazing what sleep does for a person (both baby and mommy).  Asher is so happy now that he is getting a full nights sleep and is feeling much better!

Crawling.  Asher is still not crawling forward.  But man, he is really good at scooting backwards.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Merrill's!  Here we are all dressed up and ready to head out to a Valentine's dinner this past Sunday night. 

I have to show the card we made for Jeremy.  I asked Landon if he would like to draw a picture, and here is the picture he drew of Daddy.  Look carefully at the feet, the hands and the face. Daddy loved it, but wondered if he really looks that wide?!
Trying to do something a little different than sweets, we got a little creative with the boys' valentines.  Aside from making valentine cookies, we also made heart shaped crayons.

Happy Valentine's Day for "crayon" out loud!
The finished valentine's include a heart shaped crayon and a note pad of paper.  
Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

7 months

I'm a few days behind in posting, but I did manage to snap some photos last Sunday, on the day Asher was 7 months old.  Here are some fun photos of our sweet little guy.
Asher's still not crawling forward, but is really good at crawling backward...
At 7 months old, we've had a few hiccups with sleeping.  Asher went from sleeping a solid 11 hours at night, to waking up several times in the middle of the night.  He rolls over to his tummy and then cries because he doesn't want to be on his tummy and there isn't enough room in his bed to roll back over to his back.  Grrr...  After letting him cry a bit and figure it out for himself, he has found that he likes sleeping on his tummy now.

Aside from that, Asher still does not like baby cereal or baby food.  I try, boy do I ever, but he just doesn't seem to like it.  He does love gerber puffs, so on occasion, I have tried feeding him table food.  That does not go as well, because he has this incredible gag reflex, and everything soon comes back up.  I asked the Dr. about it, and she says not to worry about it.  We'll get there...

Other than that, Asher is such a happy little guy. He has the biggest smiles, and loves to jump in his jumperoo.  Asher loves his brother and lights up when Landon talks to him.  Asher's favorite thing in life right now...
 being naked.

Numbers game

Jer created this little game for Landon the other night; we call out a number, and he needs to park his monster truck in that space.  He thinks it's a whole lot of fun...
Next up, the alphabet.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Almost crawling?

First, Asher almost stands up.  Now Asher is almost crawling?  Seriously, someone needs to slow this kid down, I want my baby back!!
 I know these are both "almosts," but he is seriously just days away from crawling.
 Asher gets on his knees and just rocks back and forth.  Or he will start moving his knees when he is flat on his tummy.  It won't be long...

4 year stats

This past week, Landon went in for his 4 year appointment.

Landon is doing fantastic and Dr. Schilling says he is right on track.  One of the things they did at his 4 year appointment that they hadn't ever checked before was his vision.  Even with my glasses on, Landon could read more than I could.  Ok, so it wasn't really reading, since most 4 year old's can't read yet, but it was naming off the symbols.  Star, boat, moon, etc.  Landon had 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/30 vision in the other eye.  Landon thought that "game" was pretty fun and wants to do it again next time he goes to see Dr. Schilling. 

Landon weighed 35 pounds and is 38" tall.  He is between the 10-25th percentile for both height and weight 

And then it was time for the immunizations.  Everyone has their own opinion regarding immunizations.  We believe in them.  With that said, I had prepared Landon ahead of time that he was going to get shots.  We prayed in the parking lot, and again in the room before the nurses came back in.  This was Landon's requests since it worked so well for Asher. 

Landon did ok with the first set, and then there was a second set.  Landon had a total melt down after that.  "My legs are broken," he cried... Of course Mommy totally played into everything.  Should we go pick out a new toy.  Later in the evening, I asked Landon if a chocolate heart would help him feel better.  "I think so," was Landon's soberish response.  It wasn't long before the bandaids were off and he was running around. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What does he think he's doing?

As I was getting Asher ready for bed tonight, I put him in his crib to grab his jammies out of his dresser.  Before I knew it, he was on his knees, hanging on for dear life...
 Oh no...does he really think he is going to try and stand up?
He never made it any further than his knees, thankfully, but something tells me it won't be long.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Painting and black olives

You wouldn't normally think of them going hand and hand, but tonight they did.  Landon was busy painting away when I was getting supper ready.  I was using black olives on our homemade pizza, and whenever there are black olives out, he always requests a few out of the can.  He thought they were gone, but was excited to find one more.
Landon definitely gets his love for black olives from his Dad.