Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yes, I am still here...

Hey there!  I know it's been two weeks, and I've alarmed some, but I'm back.

Let's get up to speed shall we.  It started with a little bit of the flu.  Asher, although may not show it, has a bit of a weak stomach.  So when he throws up his entire bottle for no reason, it doesn't necessarily mean anything.   However, the flu was going around daycare a bit and big brother seemed to not be feeling well one evening.  Landon never got sick to his stomach, but Asher did several times.  Asher went from sleeping 11 hours at night to sleeping 3 (and not in a row).  Ughh...

After the flu passed, Asher still wasn't sleeping better.  Jer took him in to the Dr. and he ended up with his first ear infection.  We just finished the antibiotics tonight thankfully, because that weak stomach means throwing up antibiotics as well.  Finally, my super happy baby is back!!  It's amazing what sleep does for a person (both baby and mommy).  Asher is so happy now that he is getting a full nights sleep and is feeling much better!

Crawling.  Asher is still not crawling forward.  But man, he is really good at scooting backwards.

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