Sunday, February 5, 2012

4 year stats

This past week, Landon went in for his 4 year appointment.

Landon is doing fantastic and Dr. Schilling says he is right on track.  One of the things they did at his 4 year appointment that they hadn't ever checked before was his vision.  Even with my glasses on, Landon could read more than I could.  Ok, so it wasn't really reading, since most 4 year old's can't read yet, but it was naming off the symbols.  Star, boat, moon, etc.  Landon had 20/20 vision in one eye and 20/30 vision in the other eye.  Landon thought that "game" was pretty fun and wants to do it again next time he goes to see Dr. Schilling. 

Landon weighed 35 pounds and is 38" tall.  He is between the 10-25th percentile for both height and weight 

And then it was time for the immunizations.  Everyone has their own opinion regarding immunizations.  We believe in them.  With that said, I had prepared Landon ahead of time that he was going to get shots.  We prayed in the parking lot, and again in the room before the nurses came back in.  This was Landon's requests since it worked so well for Asher. 

Landon did ok with the first set, and then there was a second set.  Landon had a total melt down after that.  "My legs are broken," he cried... Of course Mommy totally played into everything.  Should we go pick out a new toy.  Later in the evening, I asked Landon if a chocolate heart would help him feel better.  "I think so," was Landon's soberish response.  It wasn't long before the bandaids were off and he was running around. 

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