Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We started this beautiful Memorial Day off with a trip to my parents house.  From the moment Landon woke up this morning he had been talking about feeding the fishies.  So after vegging out until 8 am (I know, I know), we decided to eat breakfast and begin our day. 
My Dad's pond was a gift to my parents from us children several years ago.  It started as a kit and we hoped it would be something they liked.  It has turned into so much more, and those fish are now their pets!  If you are looking for my Dad you can find him in either of two places- the fire station or his pond!
After feeding the fish, a ride in the tire swing was a must.  Check out how Landon put his legs.  It must have been comfortable because he almost fell asleep!
After spending some time with my parents, we headed back home to meet up with Jeremy, try out our new grill and enjoy the sunshine!
After lunch, Landon wasn't ready to try out his new big pool, but did want to take a dip in the little one that was set up for Elke!
Trying to splash Mom
All this activity wore Landon out.  We headed back inside to change and not even two minutes later, Landon crashed on the floor.  
I hope you all had a great weekend.  We sure did!  Don't forget the purpose of Memorial Day and remember those soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. 

Jeeps, jeeps and more jeeps

On Saturday, I went to Decorah to grab some groceries, and swung in at a movie rental place that is closing.  We stumbled across this movie called Tugger.  It is about a jeep that wants to fly.  It's already been watched about a dozen times.  It is super cute!
On Sunday, the real jeeps (and big trucks), came out for a little four-wheeling.  When Jer's club came out a few weeks ago, the river was too high to cross.  If you ask Jeremy, he will tell you that it wasn't too high, the current was just too fast.  Either way, they planned another trip up here.  There were a lot of new jeeps and trucks, and as always, it was so much fun to participate!
It was rather warm out, but the weather was really just perfect!
While the boys were in the woods playing working, we found other ways to stay cool!
A new pool!  Because he took a four hour nap yesterday afternoon, Landon didn't get a chance to try it out yet, but, it is a three day weekend, and we have one more day left!
And Elke found shade.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hay + Cookies

We've had some nice warm days for the hay to dry out, so it was time to bale.  The boys all came over  his afternoon to give Jer a hand.  
 Landon rode in the truck with Grandpa.  He was in heaven. 
After the baling was done, we headed back inside to stir up some cookies.  Landon wants to be a part of everything.  Sometimes he wants to help out more than you would like, but that's how they learn!
After cookies, it was time to head to a graduation party, and then a hog roast.  This is going to be a GREAT weekend!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hay cuttin time

Time to cut the hay.  Do you remember, we have two acres that we farm?  Well, it has grown in nicely, and time to cut the first crop.  
My Dad stopped by to lend a hand.
Even Elke had to check out what was going on. 
While watching for Dad to come over the hill, Grandpa used this time to educate Landon a little bit more on farming.  He was totally bored, can't you tell?!  Not really, he loved every minute of it.  He even had to imitate the way Grandpa had his knee on the ground. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday work day

This weather is awesome.  I guess if you love 90 degrees and humid.  I didn't mind it so much and was outside the entire day!  I even got a little sunburn on my shoulders. Don't mind that either!  

A few weeks ago I had a dump truck load of mulch delivered.  I was working on it little by little, but there hasn't been a lot of free time.  Today, my goal was to make the pile disappear.  Mission accomplished!  Thanks to Jer and Jodi for their help in the afternoon.

Yard work is never ending and I have a lot of plans in the future.  This year we have way to many projects going on (Ahem, basement), so I was all about maintaining  Here is my freshly mulched yard.  

Goin for a ride

Saturday was a busy day as usual.  Would you expect anything less?  It was my Saturday to work, so that consumed most of my day.  Jeremy was home, but had a lot of things going on, so Landon hung out with Auntie Jo Jo.  This after he was home with Daddy in the morning and went #2 on the potty.  Yay Landon! 

After I got home from work and unpacked the groceries, Jer and I tackled cleaning the house.  He's such a great husband!  Our little treat in the evening was a Jeep ride.  We didn't go on Jer's off roading trails, just a little spin on the trails around the farm.
 Landon had a great time driving riding!
What, I can't drive?
It was such a perfect evening.
We made sure to put on lots of bug repellent.  So far so good.  On a side note, the oral steroids have worked awesome.  We were supposed to do them for five days, but the swelling is completely gone, so we will stop after two. 

Friday, May 21, 2010

This bites!

 UPDATE:  I called the Dr. this morning and she wanted to see Landon before the end of the day.  Once we got there, she thought the swelling (which swelled up a lot more after I took this picture), was severe enough that she wanted to use the EpiPen.  After doing some research, she found out that too much time had past since the bite, so she could not give it to him.  We did get a couple prescriptions, one being an oral steroid that should help the swelling go down quickly.  The other prescription is to help prevent any future swelling that should occur if he gets bit again.  I know this may sound crazy, but Jer and I decided to hold off giving that to Landon at this time.  We don't like the idea of over medicating when we're not sure what he is allergic to in the first place.  We will however be very conscious about putting on lots of bug spray before going outside.  We also have an appointment to see the allergy specialist in LaCrosse on June 8th.  We will then hopefully find out exactly what Landon is allergic to.  Maybe its not mosquitos?
Not sure what to do about this kid and his mosquito bites.  I guess we don't go outside EVER!  Landon got another mosquito bite, this time behind the other ear.  I'm sensing a pattern here...Anyway, the swelling goes down his neck and even into his cheek.  This is causing him pain, as he is whimpering a lot this morning.  I think I'm going to give our Dr. a call and see what she thinks about this one.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty training?

We've been working on it.  I'm trying not to push it, but, well, it's hard not to.  Landon has gone potty on the potty chair several times.  Prior to him getting the flu, we were on a really good streak, going in the morning after he woke up dry, going after nap at daycare, going before bed, etc.  I thought we were really on to something.  As rewards, Landon got to choose a sticker to put on his chart in the bathroom.
And last week, Landon has no interest whatsoever.  Someone suggested using M & M's.  I decided that I would leave them in a bowl in the bathroom.  Sort of as a temptation!  But then, as we were cruising through Walmart, I saw this!  Both my eyes and Landon's eyes light up.  This so beats a bowl of M & M's.
There were three different colors/styles to choose from.  Landon picked the blue green one.  He chose that one because it was the Mommy M.  Seriously, how cute is that!  Maybe the sunglasses resemble Mommy, but the legs and boots certainly don't!  The hardest part is I was just as excited as he was, and want him to be able to turn the dial to get some M's, he just don't want to go potty, and I'm not caving!  If I cave once, the process isn't going to work.  It has not given him the motivation I was hoping for, but I'm not giving up hope.

One year ago today...

One year ago today, Landon broke his leg.  He is 100% recovered and doing so well!
Here was my post from a year ago. 


Last Saturday, Jeremy's Jeep club came to our house to clear some trails and play in the mud.  Of course when Jeremy took me out on the trail, I forgot the camera, but here are a few pics of some of the Jeeps that were here. 
A few of the Jeeps.  There were still a few more left in the woods!
Of course Landon got in on the action.  It was extremely difficult for him to not be with his Dad at all times!