Thursday, May 21, 2009

Broken Femur...

While at daycare yesterday, Landon climbed on the couch and fell off. Immediately, Bernice knew that something was not right. I was already on my way to pick him up and she informed me that she was concerned immediately when I arrived. Because Landon did not want to stand, I was concerned as well. I called Jer who came home and we proceeded to the ER. After an extensive wait, they did XRAY's and found out that Landon broke his femur. This is not common in infants, so we got transferred to LaCrosse. They wanted us up there as soon as possible because Landon had a "perfect break" and everything was still in tact. This meant no surgery and no pins. The bad news, a lower body cast. We arrived back home at 2:30 this morning. Everyone is extremely exhausted, but feel very blessed as this situation could have been much worse. There will be a follow up appointment in the next 7-10 days, but it is projected that Landon will be in the cast for 6 weeks. Please pray for a speedy recovery! I will keep you posted, but here are a few photos from this morning.

Figuring out how to get a diaper on is the hardest part. Right now we just tuck it in place. Already though Landon is trying to pull it off.
We found that Landon's stroller is going to work really well. He will be able to sit up a little to see what's going on. Also will have a tray for snacks. Jer is going to come up with a larger tray for meal times. Landon loves the wiggles and loves to watch movies on his portable DVD player. He might be sick of them after a few weeks though!

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Lisa said...

Hi Stacy~

I just happen to call Mom last night and when she answered and I said 'hi' she said 'oh, I was hoping you were Stacy!' She then went on to tell me that Landon had fallen off the couch and wouldn't stand. She was very concerned as was I. She called back after she talked to you and and said that Landon had a broken femur. :-( She feels SO HORRIBLE even though she knows it was an accident. I am definately praying for a speedy recovery for the little guy! Take care!

Lisa (Kipp) Perry

P.S. She was so very excited when she got that hanging plant from you the other week! You totally made her day with that, thank you for that!