Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spica cast: Day 10

We are about half way through the spica cast, and Landon continues to do really well. I hope the second half goes by just as fast as the first half. Landon continues to scoot and roll over, and is sleeping really well. Last night we attended a graduation party for the daughter of one of Jeremy's coworkers. After visiting we went outside to the playground. Landon actually fit in the swing (although it was a little difficult getting him out), and had so much fun watching his cousins Eryn and Nolan playing. I then took Landon up on the play equipment and down the slide. Landon was all smiles when I was climbing with him along side all the other kids! We had a major melt down when it was time to go, however, we have another graduation party today with another playground!

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