Saturday, May 23, 2009

Spica cast: Day 2

As I'm finding out, everyday is different and continues to be a learning process. Landon had a great day yesterday. He skipped a morning nap, and instead ventured to Decorah with me and his Auntie Jo Jo. We made a quick stop at the Depot where I had something that I needed to look for. Landon sat with his Auntie and played with his new tractor he got at the Depot. We then proceeded to Walmart. Landon was such a good boy and sat in his stroller. Otherwise, Landon is totally sick of being in the stroller already. I am already sick of the comments from people, "Oh, look at that poor little boy," etc. I want to keep Landon active and busy just as we did before. I think this will make the time go by faster for him. We picked up a magna doodle and a new movie at Walmart along with pain medicine! The photo is of Landon playing with his new toys and trying out a new seating arrangement.

On the way home, Landon fell asleep in his car seat. I transferred Landon to the bed when we got home. He slept there for 1/2 an hour, and then woke up. I ended up holding Landon for the remainder of his 2 hour nap. I knew he really needed this nap and if that's how he was comfortable that's what I was going to do. I know eventually he will get comfortable he is just still trying to figure it all out.

After Landon's nap he got a visit and some yummy food from our neighbor's Travis and Paula. Grandma Merrill and Grandma and Grandpa Sabelka also came over in the evening. Grandma Merrill brought a bean bag chair. I was really hoping this would be a good way to sit Landon up so he could play. He is sitting in it on the couch in the picture. He really didn't like it. This sparked a lot of research on the internet, and Daddy says he has some big plans for making something today. Jeremy is extremely creative and I know that he will come up with something. So excited! Grandpa brought Landon some new red tractors. Landon is playing with them as I type. Crashing them together actually :) Grandma helped me wash Landon's hair and get him ready for bed.

Because Landon was doing so well during the day, he didn't get any pain medication. This is where it goes bad. Landon slept good until about midnight after receiving tylenol with codine. After midnight Landon cried quite a bit and was extremely restless. I will continue to give Landon some pain meds to keep him from feeling any kind of pain today. It breaks my heart to see him uncomfortable and hurting, but he is really being a great little boy.

Landon did not have any appetite yesterday or this morning and I am starting to worry. I have tried all of his favorite food including M & M's and he won't even touch those. I hope he is feeling up to eating something today, but am thankful he is at least drinking his milk and water.

Plans for the day are to get outside and do something fun, and Daddy is going to build a chair for Landon to sit in. Yeh!! Thanks again for all your precious thoughts and words of encouragement!

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