Monday, May 25, 2009

Spica cast: Day 4

Each day seems to be getting a little easier for Landon. Yesterday morning, Landon, Elke and I along with Auntie Jo Jo, Grandpa and Grandma Sabelka went to the state fish hatchery in Decorah. Landon seemed to enjoy feeding the fish and looking at the waterfall. Even though the weather was perfect, the sun was strong and warm for Landon. I continue to find that we need to be extra careful so he does not get warm enough to sweat.
Landon giving his Momma a kiss!
The beautiful waterfall.

My afternoon plans changed after Jeremy took a wrong step yesterday. He appeared to sprain his ankle as it is extremely swollen yet this morning. This house is really starting to look strange. A dog with three legs, a child with his legs in a cast and now a husband hobbling along with a swollen ankle!

Landon is trying to be more independent each day. He is still enjoying his table and chair. He plays, watches movies and eats there. He is also requesting to spend time on the floor. He is putting motions together to scoot around and he can roll from his stomach to his back. I think this is what helped him sleep better last night. Landon received his dose of pain meds at 8 pm. Landon then slept from 8:30 pm-2:30 am. Landon woke up abruptly and began to scream. He does this occasionally when he is napping as well, and I have found that muscle spasms around the broken bone are quite common. After a drink of water, Landon immediately fell back asleep until 4:30 am. Same routine of him waking up abruptly, taking a drink of water, and falling back asleep. Landon slept until 6 am, and is a happy boy this morning. I am so amazed as to how well he is adapting. Still counting the days!

Here is a quick little video of Landon trying to scoot around on the floor.

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