Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spica cast: Day 7

Today, Landon had an appointment with Dr. Wintersteen, a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, in LaCrosse, WI. Landon is definitely not liking the Dr.'s office, as he began crying before the nurse even shut the door, and cried until we were walking out of the door. After three rounds of XRAY's, they finally got a shot where Landon wasn't moving. Landon does not like XRAY's, and I find myself crying because he is so upset and I can't run and pick him up. The good news is that everything is still in place and is on it's way to healing. The other good news, Landon's spica cast can come off in two weeks!! However, as soon as they take off the spica cast, they will replace it with a full leg cast. The Dr. said he would probably have the full leg cast for at least three weeks. Part of me is really bummed that Landon will be in a cast for six weeks (I was hoping for four). But, it is exciting that in two weeks he will have just a leg cast. This means he will be able to fit in his high chair, car seat, and be able to sit independently. So, I have started another countdown (I love countdowns) - One until his spica cast is removed, and one until he is cast free!

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