Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spica cast: Day 3

Yesterday was a good day. Last night, again, not so great. Landon gets pain meds at 8 pm, and does well sleeping until about midnight or so. The same went for last night. We had Landon sleep on a bean bag chair thinking that would help him be more comfortable. After midnight, he was extremely restless and could not get comfortable. He either slept on my chest or Jer's. This is extremely uncomfortable and not ideal for us, but if it helps him, we'll do it. He got more pain meds at about 3 am, and then slept well until 6 am. I hope he will stop experiencing so much discomfort while he is sleeping. He really needs his sleep to recover and I want him to rest as well as he can. More about Landon's good day yesterday. What a wonderful and creative man Jer is. After doing some research on the internet, Jer found a design similar to this one and came up with this table and chair. Jer was able to build it all yesterday morning, and by the time Landon woke up from his nap in the afternoon he was able to begin using it. This is PERFECT and I hope Landon continues to enjoy it. This allows him to sit independently and carry on with many activities. He actually ate a little bit yesterday afternoon and evening and I think that was because he was able to do it independently. After Landon went to bed last night, Jer gave it a coat of durable paint, and Jeremy's Mom made this perfect slipcover for the chair. That will be helpful because I can take it off and wash it. I will definatley be bringing this back and forth to Bernice's when Landon returns. I think it will be very useful in the upcoming weeks, and I think Landon will enjoy it after his cast comes off as well. We thought we would inform the Orthopedic staff and we could pass it along to some other child who may need it when we're done.
I really want to keep Landon busy to keep him distracted. Yesterday afternoon we went to visit my Aunt and Uncle John and Sharon, and my cousin Nicole and her son Aiden who were up for the weekend from Cedar Rapids. Landon enjoyed seeing John's new pony who is just a few weeks old as well as the other big horses. Here is Landon with his cousin Aiden. Isn't he adorable!! Gotta love that hair!

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