Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend checklist

It was on odd weekend, because there was a lot going on.  Ok, maybe that's really not so odd for us!  I was off work on Friday, because I had to work on Saturday.  I kept Landon home from daycare and we got so much done!  We got groceries, I got a haircut and we cleaned the entire house.  Then in the evening, I painted the last room in the basement - the gym.  I chose Sherwin Williams Modern Gray.  I see a lot more beige than gray, but that's ok, I still like it.  It's calm and soothing, and just what I need when I'm working up a sweat!
On Saturday, I put in a full day at work.  It was super busy which made the time go by fast!  When I got home late in the afternoon, I finished all the touch up painting downstairs.  This mostly involved the walls where two colors met.  Not my most favorite job in the world, but it's done.  Jer finished hanging the ceiling and installed all the can lights in the family room.  Love, love, love it!  By then it was 9 pm, so we sat in the lawn chairs and cracked open a beer.  I found out Budweiser is just not my thing, so Jer finished mine. =)
That brings us to Sunday.  Landon slept in until 6 am - what a dream!  After a bit of cuddling, it was up and at 'em.  It was cold, windy and overcast all day, but the rain stayed away, so I washed windows.  To be honest, I think I would have washed the windows in the rain if I had to.  They were just so bad. I honestly don't think I washed them at all last year - eeekkk.  I got all the windows and patio doors washed on both levels.  Aaww, bliss!  We all took quick little naps in the afternoon and it was back to the basement after that. 
Tonight it is turkey lasagna for supper and family movie night, and maybe sneaking in a workout before that.  Then it's definitely time to unwind a little bit before beginning a new week!

A boy after my own heart

Late yesterday afternoon Landon said, "I want to watch TV in bed."  I asked Landon what he wanted to watch and he said, "Dora."  Lucky for us, Dora was on, and I love to watch TV in bed!  Landon, Elke and I had a great time watching Dora and playing toys in Mommy's bed.
When Landon woke up this morning he said he wanted to watch toons in Mommy's bed.  We all had a great time snuggling in bed watching toons for just a smidge this morning.  One day in the not so distant future, I am really going to miss these days.  For the time being, I am cherishing every second!

Friday, April 23, 2010

He remembered...

This afternoon I told Landon that he needed to get ready to go because Mommy was going to get her haircut.  Landon said he wanted to get his haircut too.  I said that he wasn't going to get his haircut this time.  Landon again said that he wanted to get his haircut.  I reminded Landon of the last time he got his haircut and he cried and cried.  I said that it didn't even hurt and he cried so hard.  Landon then reminded me that he got a sucker.  I was taken back that he remembered such an isolated event that happened over a month ago. 

Because Landon was such a good boy while I was getting my haircut we made a stop afterwords so he could get a sucker. He ate the whole thing!
On a side note, do you remember Mamba's?  I used to love these when I was a kid.  I saw them on the shelf at the convenient store, and I had to have them.  I'm pretty sure they've been on the shelf since 1991, but I didn't care, I bought them anyway.  They were exactly as I remembered them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

This one's for you Gramum Merrill!

No surprise that with the super nice temperatures today, Landon was outside a lot.  I was busy painting and popped my head out the patio door every couple minutes to see what he was up to.  Elke is a great watch dog and sticks close by Landon, as well.  At one point I went out and saw Landon backing the cozy coupe up to the trailer.  I think this should be part of Grandma Merrill's next advertising campaign!


I took a couple days off of work this past week to do some painting.  I got so much done, and I am so excited about how everything turned out!  I'm not quite done, and I wish I didn't have to go back to work tomorrow, but that's reality.
Landon got in on the action and helped paint in his new room!
You know Mom is needing energized when she breaks out the caffeine.  And then, I caught Landon taking a swig! 
  Landon didn't want to help out for long, he quickly set up shop in the corner of the family room and watched his new movie, "Elmo goes potty."  I know, I know!
Here is the finished project.
The family room
The other end of the family room/work space. This will end up getting covered up by cabinets.
Landon's room.  One denim blue wall, three khaki walls
The bathroom
And my gym.  Yup, I could not settle on a color

I am so thrilled with how the colors turned out.  Now it makes me want to redo the rest of the house!

My part is done and the ball is back in Jeremy's court!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Elke Ruby!!

Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet Elke Ruby! I can't believe she is 5 already. Seriously, I love this dog more than anyone will know!
Elke on the day we brought her home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Round 2

Today we headed over to Grandma Debbie's friend Mike's house for Easter with him and his family. The weather was beautiful, so immediately after lunch we headed outside for an Easter Egg Hunt. Landon had practice last week, so as soon as that door opened, he took off running!
Found one!
Then we headed back inside to check out the loot!
I had the tough job of holding seven week old Brooklyn. She is so adorable, and so tiny!
Our time indoors didn't last long because it was SO beautiful outside!
Take one with all the kids.
And take two!
Landon's highlight for the afternoon had to be his ride on the horse with Grandma. We didn't think he would follow through with staying up there, but he LOVED it!! Seriously, LOVED it!! He rode with Grandma for probably ten minutes.
And a quick little video.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Off roadin' in the cozy coupe

Remember this hole...
 the one that Jer tried not to get stuck in just a few months ago?
Landon was doing his own four-wheelin' tonight and found his own hole to get stuck in.
See the shovel in the photo above.  That was used to create the hole!

Moving right along...

Today, Jeremy, Landon and I headed to Waterloo to buy more materials for the basement.  We got all the ceiling tile and some of the tile for the floors.  We got this really cool 16" tile for the bathroom.  I love it because it looks like cement.  
And after much discussion, we decided on the tile for the family room.  We are doing a pattern that involves 12" and 6" tile.  We got all the 12", but they had to order the 6".  My husband is so awesome, we completely agreed on everything, which made it so easy!  Here's what the family room tile looks like.
Now to figure out what color to paint the walls.  I'm leaning towards #1 or #2 from the left.  Decisions, decisions...Good thing I bought the color wheel. :-)
So excited!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mudding done!

One more thing to check off the list!
  • Hang Sheet Rock
  • Mudding
I am so excited to have this phase of the project DONE!!  Now it's on to pick out paint colors.  I will be taking some time off next week to paint, so I think I will be heading to Sherwin-Williams during my lunch break today.  So excited!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well the Easter bunny made it to our house!  Landon was so excited when he woke up this morning and saw his gifts in the living room. 
Inside Landon's "atigator" Easter basket, he got a new book, a bath toy (in hopes of making bath time tolerable again), and a couple eggs, one with chocolate, and the other one with money.  Landon also got some golf clubs, although he argues with me that it's baseball.  Huh?
The Easter bunny even managed to hide some Easter eggs outside.  My family, including my parents, sister, brother and his family, grandparents and my uncle Roger came over for Easter brunch.  Yum, it was the best!

After we got done eating and did the dishes, it was time to head outside and let the kids find some eggs!
Even Great Grandpa got in on the action!

Then Grandpa and Grandma broke out some Easter gifts for the kids.  Flashlights and kites - they were huge hits!
I'm not sure if the little kids or the big kids had more fun with the kites!
Have you ever seen a circle around the sun like this?
Elke just soaking it all in, waiting for someone to walk by and throw her ball.
And the day ended with four wheeler rides from Uncle Randy.  Landon LOVED that!  Hope you had a Happy Easter.  We had a memorable one!