Saturday, April 10, 2010

Moving right along...

Today, Jeremy, Landon and I headed to Waterloo to buy more materials for the basement.  We got all the ceiling tile and some of the tile for the floors.  We got this really cool 16" tile for the bathroom.  I love it because it looks like cement.  
And after much discussion, we decided on the tile for the family room.  We are doing a pattern that involves 12" and 6" tile.  We got all the 12", but they had to order the 6".  My husband is so awesome, we completely agreed on everything, which made it so easy!  Here's what the family room tile looks like.
Now to figure out what color to paint the walls.  I'm leaning towards #1 or #2 from the left.  Decisions, decisions...Good thing I bought the color wheel. :-)
So excited!!

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