Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Round 2

Today we headed over to Grandma Debbie's friend Mike's house for Easter with him and his family. The weather was beautiful, so immediately after lunch we headed outside for an Easter Egg Hunt. Landon had practice last week, so as soon as that door opened, he took off running!
Found one!
Then we headed back inside to check out the loot!
I had the tough job of holding seven week old Brooklyn. She is so adorable, and so tiny!
Our time indoors didn't last long because it was SO beautiful outside!
Take one with all the kids.
And take two!
Landon's highlight for the afternoon had to be his ride on the horse with Grandma. We didn't think he would follow through with staying up there, but he LOVED it!! Seriously, LOVED it!! He rode with Grandma for probably ten minutes.
And a quick little video.

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Lisa said...

You look good with a little pink bundle in your arms Stacy!! :-)