Friday, April 23, 2010

He remembered...

This afternoon I told Landon that he needed to get ready to go because Mommy was going to get her haircut.  Landon said he wanted to get his haircut too.  I said that he wasn't going to get his haircut this time.  Landon again said that he wanted to get his haircut.  I reminded Landon of the last time he got his haircut and he cried and cried.  I said that it didn't even hurt and he cried so hard.  Landon then reminded me that he got a sucker.  I was taken back that he remembered such an isolated event that happened over a month ago. 

Because Landon was such a good boy while I was getting my haircut we made a stop afterwords so he could get a sucker. He ate the whole thing!
On a side note, do you remember Mamba's?  I used to love these when I was a kid.  I saw them on the shelf at the convenient store, and I had to have them.  I'm pretty sure they've been on the shelf since 1991, but I didn't care, I bought them anyway.  They were exactly as I remembered them.

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