Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty training?

We've been working on it.  I'm trying not to push it, but, well, it's hard not to.  Landon has gone potty on the potty chair several times.  Prior to him getting the flu, we were on a really good streak, going in the morning after he woke up dry, going after nap at daycare, going before bed, etc.  I thought we were really on to something.  As rewards, Landon got to choose a sticker to put on his chart in the bathroom.
And last week, Landon has no interest whatsoever.  Someone suggested using M & M's.  I decided that I would leave them in a bowl in the bathroom.  Sort of as a temptation!  But then, as we were cruising through Walmart, I saw this!  Both my eyes and Landon's eyes light up.  This so beats a bowl of M & M's.
There were three different colors/styles to choose from.  Landon picked the blue green one.  He chose that one because it was the Mommy M.  Seriously, how cute is that!  Maybe the sunglasses resemble Mommy, but the legs and boots certainly don't!  The hardest part is I was just as excited as he was, and want him to be able to turn the dial to get some M's, he just don't want to go potty, and I'm not caving!  If I cave once, the process isn't going to work.  It has not given him the motivation I was hoping for, but I'm not giving up hope.

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Lisa said...

Too cute! Hope you have good luck on the training! I know getting M & M's after going to the bathroom would make me want to go!! :-)