Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our first 5k

This past weekend, Jer and I both ran our first official 5k.  I have run plenty of 5k's over the years, but never competitively.  I have run them either on the treadmill or my driveway :)

The Cresco Brew and Stew took place last Saturday, March 16th.  The race didn't start until 5 p.m., and brrrr....was it cold!!
Jer started his training this past December.  I on the other hand, ran twice two weeks ago, and that was it.  Jer finished around 28 minutes, but thought he could have done better.  I finished around 33 minutes, and could have definitley finished better. 

Both of us now have the urge to keep going, maybe even beyone a 5k, so we'll see.  I am anxious to be back in the running game after I abandoned it about a year ago. 

I stole the bottom photo from Cresco's Fit running club.  It was taken last year, but it seems like there was more people this year.  There were approximately 730 registered walkers/runners/bikers. 

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The Nelson Duo said...

Yay!! So proud of you sis.