Saturday, November 14, 2015

Showing off baby Jett

It's been a week since my sister and her husband welcomed their new baby boy, Jett Linus into the world.  I was on the edge of my seat for most of last Saturday waiting for his arrival.  Checking my phone so often that I needed to charge it mid day because I wore the battery down.  Well, he finally arrived last Sunday morning at 4:42.  We couldn't wait to take off and see him.

Landon was so excited to get his hands on baby Jett. 
All the Sabelka cousins.  1 girl and 6 boys. 
Asher waited so patiently for his turn to hold the baby.  He is so in love, as we all are.  Asher is constantly wanting to FaceTime Auntie Jo Jo to see the baby. 
Finally it was my turn.  Oh I forgot how little newborns are.  Jett is so cute and so perfect in every way.  We couldn't love him more. 

Big brother Sullivan wasn't too interested in holding his little brother, so we had to get creative with our picture taking. 
The perfect little family.  We are so excited for the Nelson family.  Life with two boys is fun, challenging and adventurous.  Congratulations!

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