Monday, November 16, 2015

Adventures of Landon & Asher - #372

Landon is really becoming quiet social the older he gets and has really developed a great group of friends.  He spent Friday night at his friend Kyle's house with some other friends to celebrate Kyle's birthday.   When Kyle's Mom brought Landon home on Saturday afternoon, Landon, Kyle and another friend all darted off for Landon's room to sneak in just a few more minutes together.  He spent the rest of the day acting like a teenager, he was tired and his friends were so cool.  Oh my...
And then you have Asher.  His creativity is on a roll and he hates having his picture taken.  I had to hide to sneak snapping this photo, but he was just so cute.  Last night he was pretending to be a painter.  We cut the bottom of a pop bottle off (per his request) and he attached a piece of ribbon.  You can see it hanging around his neck.  This was his mask.  He also has pieces of paper tapped around his mid section and his feet.  That was his paint suit.  The box is his paint booth and his electric toothbrush (not seen in the photo) was his paint sprayer.  Love this little guys imagination. 

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