Friday, September 18, 2009

Landon really does like his new bed...

It turns out Landon really likes his new bed after all! Landon actually got in his top two eye teeth last weekend, and had a cold as well. I know the cold was separate from teething because he still has it, and Jer and I now have it as well :( Landon has been sleeping really well this past week, with the exception of rolling out of bed two more times. Bad Mom, I really need to get to Walmart and look for a side to put up. On my list for tomorrow. Anyway, Landon thinks it's funny to stand on his bed and jump. I on the other hand do not think it is funny. I think he is starting to test his limits. Have I mentioned that he is going to be two soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Merrill family,
We are the family you lent Landon's table to. Our son Kale fractured his femur a month ago. Sarah is my husbands sister. I just wanted to say thank you for lending your table to us. It has been wonderful for Kale, he really has enjoyed it and meal times have been less messy because of it. Also he's been able to do more things like color and even play with his trucks and cars more comfortably. You did a great job on that table and chair! Thank you again! Kale gets his new and hopefully final cast tomorrow and then hopefully it'll only be 2 more weeks! Thanks again, your table has been wonderful!

The Solem family

Stacy Merrill said...

Hi Bree and Solem Family-
I was so sorry to hear that your little guy fractured his femur as well. Really glad to hear that he gets his final cast tomorrow and should hopefully be cast free in a couple weeks!!
Glad you got some use out of the table. It was a huge lifesaver for us!!