Friday, March 13, 2009

15 months old

Today, Landon is 15 months old. Landon is changing everyday and starting to verbally communicate more. Landon still uses quite a bit of sign language to express his needs. I think it is so neat to see him do this because then I really knows what he is trying to say. When Landon pulls on the fridge and cries, I ask him if he wants milk or water, and he will sign which he prefers. Some of the new signs Landon's using are: sleep, shoes, hair, cracker and where. Some of the words Landon's using are: Mom, Dad, uh-oh, and ish (gold fish crackers).
Landon is certainly no angel, and continues to have his fair share of temper tantrums.
Landon is intrigued by everything but his toys.
Uncle Randy was over last weekend and was trying to get Landon to give a thumbs up. We've been working on it since then. Here is Landon trying to give a thumbs up!

Landon has his top four and bottom four teeth and is also working on three of four molars. This has meant for some early mornings. We will all be glad when they come in. Landon has his 15 month check on Tuesday. He will get shots and check how his staff infection is clearing up. Although the spots are still there we are hoping for a good report!

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