Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dermatology Appointment

Today, Landon and I met with a Dermatologist in Onalaska, WI. This is the appointment we waited two months for! Landon has officially been diagnosed with having eczema. The Dr. said this is something Landon will continue to have until he is a teenager, and we just need to stay on top of. Some of the things Dr. Waumpler suggested we are already doing. For example, applying lotion within three minutes after a bath, using a humidifier, using a free and clear detergent, medicated ointments, etc. One of the things we will be changing is getting rid of all of the baby lotions and washes. We now have to use Cetaphil body wash and lotion. This is not a prescription and I found it at Target. We are to apply lotion at least twice a day, more if possible. We also have to continue to apply one of the antibiotic ointments we have and have a new steroid cream to apply. All this sounds pretty easy to manage, and I remind myself that Landon is still a healthy and happy toddler!

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