Saturday, September 13, 2008

9 months old

Landon is 9 months old today!
I've said it once and I'll say it again - where did the time go? Everyone said it would go by fast but seriously did it have to go this fast?

Landon has many favorite things at 9 months old. One of them - paper!

Getting faster everyday, Landon love's pushing this toy around the house!

Caught in the act - Landon loves playing with all the stereo dials in the armoir.

Also, loves playing in the dishwasher.

So far Landon only has two bottom teeth but the top two are on their way. Landon loves turning the noi, noi sideways in his mouth and chewing on it. Other loves include gerber puffs, being held, squirming while being held, watching people, clapping, saying "Oh," Elke's food bowl and water dish, and the hair dryer. Yes, the moment he hears me start drying my hair in the morning he crawls to the bedroom and sits and smiles the whole time I dry my hair! These are just a few things standing out while I write this. At 9 months old, Landon is such a happy baby. Throughout the day I find myself thinking about his laugh and I can't help but smile. What a joy!

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