Thursday, February 7, 2013

V-day comes early for Mr. Sull

This past weekend, the boys and I packed up and headed to Cedar Falls to visit my sister and her family. I haven't seen my sweet little nephew since Christmas, and I was dying to see him.  He has changed so much!  Now that he has a new love for baby food, this babe is starting to get some cheeks on him!

We couldn't visit empty handed, so we brought Sullivan his first Valentine. How cute is he reading his Valentine card.

 Paper, I love paper!
Aside from the football hat I crocheted for Sully, I also made a bunch of reusable snack bags for him (and his Mommy and Daddy).  I know it won't be long until he's snacking on those cheerios!
And here's my little guy having fun with Sully's toys.  Slow down're growing up way too fast.

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