Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Eggs, kites and funny photos

This pretty much sums up our Easter this year.  Brightly colored eggs, high flying kites and funny family photos using the self timer. 

After a tour around the house to scope out what the Easter bunny left, we dressed up in our matching coordinating outfits and headed out to church.  Church was by far the highlight of the day, since it was all about Jesus.  Boy do I love that man and all the sacrifices he gave for me. 
Our very own little Easter bunny...
I know I won't be able to pull off matching outfits for very long, so I have to take advantage of that while I can!
After church, we stopped at my parents house for brunch.  There was so much food to be had, and it's always nice to get together with family!
And as I mentioned, there were some funny family photos taken.  We set the timer and turned on the cheese.
Check out the slideshow below for the time lapse.  Hilarious!
Shortly after lunch, we headed home for a little nap.  It wasn't long after nap time was over and Grandma Debbie came over with some Easter treats for the boys.
There were lots of fun things in their baskets, but Landon was probably most excited about getting a new kite!  He immediately wanted to go try it out, and has been outside after school every night this week practicing his flying skills.

Stay tuned for our traditional Easter photo of the boys by the tree...

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