Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First haircut

I said I wasn't going to cut Asher's hair until he was two, but I brought Landon in for a haircut the other night, and well...things happened.  I was talking to Jenny about the boys' upcoming pictures and wondered if Asher might need a little trim.  I'm not going to say Jenny talked me into it, but Asher walked out with a little less hair than he walked in with.  :) 
Since I wasn't planning on this, I didn't bring my camera and had to use my phone, sorry for the bad photos.
It seriously wasn't much, and it definitely wasn't enough that people will stop calling him a girl {seriously, does he look at all like a girl to you?}.  It was a little trim.  Just for a little reference, this is what his hair looked like before.  Mind you, this was right after nap time, but a little scary.
Big brother cut his haircut as well.  In the words of Asher, 'pretty.'

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