Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day was also about one of the coolest Dad's I know - my hubby and the father to two pretty amazing kiddos.  We love him to pieces and were excited to celebrated his awesomeness!

We actually gave Jer his present the day before so he had spent some time Sunday morning messing around with his new camera.  We got him a GoPro camera that does still shots and video.  This will be perfecting for his jeeping as it is waterproof and just plain old cool.  He loved it and we're so glad for that!

After a little breakfast, the boys headed out to wash the jeep. 

I joined them for a bit and then headed back inside to get a picnic lunch ready. We packed up the jeep and headed to Lake Meyer (Landon insists on calling it Meyer Lake). 

The boys burned off a little energy on the playground before our next adventure...


This was a first and let me just say, Landon did fantastic!  Seriously, it came totally natural to him.

Of course at the same time Landon got his line stuck in the tree, Jer caught a fish, and I'm scrambling for the camera.  We were all a little frazzled, but we got a quick picture of the little fishy and threw him back in. :)

Landon was such a good sport about not catching any fish.  It would have helped if we would have remembered the worms.  Landon is already talking about the next time we go! 

Happy Father's Day to one of the best!

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