Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Piano lessons...

It's true, my little kindergartener started on a new adventure tonight.  Piano lessons...

My sweet little guy has expressed so much musical talent this past year.  He absolutely adores his music teacher Mrs. Scheidel and is constantly getting friendly little notes from her, "I love the way you listen in class Landon," and "Thank you for being so kind and helpful in class today Landon."

Landon loves to snap his fingers to the radio and sing along to tunes he recognizes on 101.9.  Of course Landon always perks up when he hears the song, "Oh no, you never let go," reminding me that it was played at Aunt Jodi and Uncle Mike's wedding.  (FYI:  I'm unclear of the real title!)

We love to listen to listen to Landon sing, and equally love to watch him dance.  All of his excitement towards music has led Landon up to wanting to learn how to play the guitar.  In speaking with a few people, we've learned that the guitar will come much easier if the piano is learned first.  So here we are:  our little kindergartener just finished his very first piano lesson.  The verdict:  he LOVED it!!

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