Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy 6

Happy 6 years to this amazing little man!  In some ways, I can't believe my baby is 6 already.  In other ways, I feel like I have known him for so much longer.  Let me tell you, this child has a heart of gold.  Here are some fun facts about Landon.
  • Landon is in kindergarten and loves it.  He loves his teacher Mrs. Zweibahmer.
  • Landon has lost one tooth on the bottom and has another one loose.
  • Landon absolutely loves legos.  He will play with them for hours. 
  • Landon loves to create things and when he does, sometimes I can't even understand how it works.  He amazes me how much he is just like his Dad and Grandpa Tim.
  • Landon will hold the door open for everyone.  When I drop him off at school in the morning, he will stand by the door and wait to open it for someone else who is walking across the parking lot.  He will always rush in front of me to get the door open before I walk through.  He is such a gentleman and I love that. 
  • Landon is still taking piano lessons.  He enjoys it and thankfully it comes naturally to him because he is never eager to practice at home.
  • Landon can be an instigator and will sometimes take things from his brother (obviously making him mad). 
  • Landon is doing extremely well in school.  He loves reading and math.  Again, this seems to come super easy to him. 
  • Landon would much rather sit in front of the ipad than play outside.
  • So far Landon seems to play with all the boys in his class and doesn't have just one best friend.  Although, if you ask him who is best friend is, he will tell you his cousin Nolan.
  • Even going through a growth spurt this past summer, Landon tends to be on the smaller side.  If you look at a picture of his class, he is one of the smallest.
  • Landon loves to help in anyway he can.  He is always willing to help bake, and a couple weeks ago, even helped make supper.  He measured, stirred and poured and was so proud of what he made.
  • Landon loves shoes.  Seriously, this child loves his althetic shoes.  The brighter the better.
Landon is such a joy in our lives.  I find myself saddened that he is growing in front of our eyes, but overjoyed at the young man he is grooming to be.  Much love to my baby boy today! I am looking forward to surprising him at school today with treats for him and his friends.  More on all the birthday celebrations later!

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