Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's happening in the world of Landon?

I've been asked lately, "How's the fish?  Is he still alive?"
 Yes, Mr. Fish is still alive and is very active.  Landon could really care less about Mr.s Fish, and I think he only fed him for the first couple days.  Don't worry, I have been feeding him.  He seems really happy for a fish.
That leads me to the next question I was asked.  "Is Landon sleeping in his new room."  Not exactly.  The plan was the fish would stay downstairs, in hopes Landon would want to sleep in his new bedroom.  Landon slept downstairs in his new room with Nolan one night about a month ago.  After sleeping down there the following night, Landon refused to sleep down there again.  We have not pushed the issue at all, but will occasionally ask him if he wants to sleep in his big bed.  The answer is usually, "Tomorrow." 
 Much to my surprise, when I asked Landon last night if he wanted to sleep downstairs, he said yes.  We went downstairs, laid down in bed and read a book.  Before I knew it, he had fallen asleep.  I on the other hand, could not leave him.  Fearing that I am abandoning my baby, I slept with Landon downstairs all night.  I know, issues, right...Oh well, I have no shame, and will probably do it again tonight...

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