Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Saturday with Nolan

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of having Nolan over to play.  Landon was so excited when he woke up on Saturday morning because it was the big day!  Nolan was going to come over and he knew they were going to have a good time.  

The boys played for most of the morning, and then we headed off to the movies.  We saw Rio, which was super cute!  After the movies, we made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for some groceries and headed home.  Time for some spaghetti - spaghetti at any age is messy, but oh so good!
I know Landon was super tired, so Saturday evening was pretty low key.  The boys played for a while and then got ready for bed.  We then settled in and watched Scooby Doo.  We started heading to bed around 9 pm, and it took about 1/2 an hour for them to fall asleep.  By then, Landon was a train wreck.  Super tired and super emotional.  After trying to sleep downstairs, then upstairs, then back downstairs.  They both slept downstairs in Landon's new bed.  

Last night was also the first night in 6 years that Elke did not sleep with us.  She chose to sleep downstairs, right outside the bedroom door.  Was she guarding, maybe.  I think it was more that she was in too much pain to climb the stairs.  Yes, we were back at the vet yesterday morning.  She had three nails fall off this past week.  I wish I knew what was going on...

Back to the boys.  I heard Landon on the monitor at 6:30 this morning.  "Nolan, wake up.  Let's play."  I'm not sure Nolan was ready to get up, but they got up.  It didn't take long, and they were back at it wrestling.  
We had such a good time with Nolan!  I have a feeling they are going to be good friends growing up, and may get in a little trouble from time to time. 

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Cathy said...

Thanks for having him! He had a great time as well!!