Monday, May 2, 2011

One more Easter celebration

On Sunday afternoon, we got together with Grandma Debbie, her friend Mike and his family.  We had a nice dinner and despite the chilly temps, the kids got outside to search for Easter eggs. 
Then it was time to head back inside and check out what the Easter bunny left inside the eggs.  Landon was so excited to find dinosaurs, cars, treats and money.  What else can a boy ask for? 
After such an exciting weekend, Landon crashed on the way home.  He fell asleep around 5 pm, and woke up somewhere around 8 pm.  After a bite to eat, and jammies on, it was back down at 9 pm.  I carried Landon downstairs to his bedroom, and there were quite a few tears.  We decided we were not going to push the idea of him sleeping downstairs, so I carried him back up to his bed upstairs.  Landon cried some more and said he wanted to sleep downstairs.  So it was back downstairs, where I layed down with him until he fell back asleep and slept until 5:30 am.  Whew!  We'll see what tonight brings...

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