Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Friday afternoon date

Because we have company staying at our house for the weekend, I took Friday off.  I brought Landon to daycare and then hurried through my chores of cleaning and doing laundry.  I had a date with Landon and I was so excited.  I picked Landon up from Bernice's and asked him where he would like to go for lunch.  Where else would a three year old chose to go for lunch, then McDonald's. 
I think Landon took about two bites before he was off to play with the games.  That's ok though, we rarely go to McDonald's so if I were him, I would want to soak in as much in as possible as well.  
After a few other errands, it was time to head home.  If I thought Landon was going to take a nap, I was wrong, dead wrong.  Our guests had arrived and have a little dog named Buster.  Buster is a definitely a lap dog, and Landon was loving that. 
On a totally unrelated note, it's a bad shot, but I wonder what kind of bird this is?  For the past two days, it has been trying to get in any window it can find.  Upstairs, downstairs, front of the house, back of the house.  I think it is a goldfinch, but it looks too big.

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Nels said...

Yo Stace,
It's a Baltimore Oriole.