Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stone Ridge Community Church

I probably owe this blog post a lot more time and thought than I am going to give it, but here it goes anyway.  Jeremy and I have really been searching for a place to worship.  A place where we feel welcome.  A place where we can learn.  A place where Landon can learn.  A place that feels right.  This past week, a coworker of mine told me about a church a friend of hers was going to.  It is called Stone Ridge, and it is located in Decorah.  I told Jer about, asked another friend about it, and did some research on line.  Stone Ridge is a bible based, non denominational church.  We (or maybe Jer) decided we should check it out.  

To be honest, in my head, I was trying to think of every excuse under the sun not to go.  I didn't want to disappoint Jer, so I bit my tongue and went.  It's not that I didn't want to go, it's just that I don't love trying new things.  I am a total creature of habit.  So, we went this morning, and literally from the second we walked in the door, we were welcomed with open arms.  So many people.  So many kids.  A live band.  An incredible message from the pastor.  It was an experience like nothing I've ever experienced.  We are all, including Landon, looking forward to going back again next week.  I'll share more then. 

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