Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Big boy haircut

He's 2 1/2 and had his haircut twice.  Once was just his bangs and the second time was an all around trim.  Despite getting referred to as a pretty little girl, we didn't care.  He's our Asher, and we can't imagine his wild and crazy personality being toned down by perfectly trimmed and combed hair.
Despite how we felt, this little boy had an idea of his own.  He has been begging for a haircut.  Can he sense that he gets referred to as a girl?

He plays hair salon in the kitchen with the office chair, and a pair of playdough scissors.  He threw a fit when his brother got his haircut last week and he didn't. 
He demanded to go with me to my haircut this past Thursday.  I don't know if he really wanted a haircut or just thought he could only get sucker by getting a haircut.  Regardless, he walked out of my hair appointment with a haircut and two suckers.  Not counting me...

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