Friday, October 30, 2015

{Our} Boys

Asher:  This little tike is 4 already!  When did that happen?  He's in preschool 4 days a week and loving it.  Fridays are usually spent home with Mom and we are both lovin' that!  Asher may have lost his red hair, but he still has that spunky attitude.   We spent some time outside a couple weekends ago raking leaves just for the sake of jumping in them!  On a side note, he is sporting one of my favorite hats I've ever made.  What an adorable little fox.
Landon:  My big guy is almost 8!  Seriously, 8?!  Landon is in 2nd grade, loves all things Legos, Minecraft, Pokeman, and creating.  Landon loves to ride his 4-wheeler, yet will sit down and crochet.   Landon is smart, funny, and pretty handsome I must say.

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