Friday, February 13, 2009

14 months

Landon is 14 months old today!
Notice his toothbrush in his hand. Landon usually has an object of the day that he clings to. He will literally carry it around all day. Today was the toothbrush. Other days it may be a spoon, spatula, comb, etc. Not really sure what that's all about.
Landon is starting to develop a "voice." Landon has had a few temper tantrums, here is a photo of one! There are now 8 teeth in that mouth!
Another great hat picture! I love picking up costume hats for Landon to play with!
Landon is starting to try and do things on his own his own. I asked Landon to brush his hair this morning and here is him trying to do just that.
Landon is also starting to copy things that he sees others do. Here is Landon trying to listen to his Dad's ipod.

Landon is still babbling at 14 months, but of course we can't tell what he's saying yet. Landon does continue to use signs to communicate. Landon now signs milk, water, more and eat. It is so fun to see him do this because we really knows what he is trying to tell us!

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