Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Skin update

Last month, I posted about Landon's skin. While we are still waiting to get in to see the Dermatologist, things have gotten worse. It was a two month wait, and we have one month to go. We've tried steroid cream and two different types of antibiotics, none of which have worked. Last week, one of the spots on his neck was getting worse. The Dr. suggested putting a large band aid over the spot so he could not itch it. Little did we know, this would make things much, much worse. After one day, the whole area around and under the band aid became inflamed. Landon now has a patch about 2" x 4" that is bleeding and completely raw, not to mention two other spots, and his patchy cheeks. I took a picture this morning, but I will spare you the photo. I brought the photo to work to show my coworkers and ask their opinion. They suggested I try calling Decorah Clinic, we've always gone to Gundersen. I called at 8:30 am, and they informed me they have a physician's assistant who specializes in pediatric dermatology. I asked how long the waiting list is, and she rattled off a bunch of openings that she had throughout the day. I felt like I won the lottery! I've never been more excited to take Landon to the Dr.

We got to the Dr. and I took off Landon's shirt. She said, "Oh that's bad." I explained the whole situation, and she reviewed the different medicines we have tried. Then the hard part. She wanted to do a biopsy. I cried silently while Landon cried out loud. We will not know the results until probably Monday. From her observation, she says it looks like Landon has a staff infection. That's serious. She explained that the antibiotics we've tried should have cleared this up. Until I hear differently, we need to apply an ointment to the infected area four times a day. I feel so bad for Landon because we have been batteling this for over 5 months. I hope this is the answer to our prayers and Landon can soon live an itch free life!

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