Saturday, February 21, 2009


Every working Mother who leaves their child in the care of someone else during the day will go through this at some point. It was finally my turn. The last two nights I've picked up Landon from daycare he has cried and clinged to Bernice. As I put on Landon's coat, hat and mittens he kicked and screamed reaching out for Bernice to rescue him. As I carried Landon out to the car he continued to scream and I felt like I was kidnapping him. The whole way home I cried along side him thinking I am a bad mother for working and leaving him with someone else. I know this should be a good thing that Landon loves Bernice, because don't get me wrong, she does a wonderful job. I'm thrilled Landon loves going to her house, but to be honest, I look forward to the day when he kicks and screams because he doesn't want me to leave...

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