Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School

The dreaded big day has finally arrived.  Landon's first day of preschool. 
I think Landon is going to miss Asher, but I think Asher is going to miss Landon more.
 Enough with the pictures already Mom!
Ok, one more...
After dropping Asher off at daycare, it was time to head to the before school program.  You see, we would be one of the last ones on the morning bus route, and since Jer and I are both at work already, Landon is going to the CFS before school program. 
Now, reality set in a bit.  Landon did good, but I could tell he was stiffing up a bit waiting for bus #8.
There you go my sweet little guy.
I'm not going to kid, in this very minute or so, I feel like my heart stopped a bit.  My life, his life, our lives changed today. Landon seemed to walk up those steps and hop on that bus like he knew what he was doing.  On the other hand, he seems so innocent and all I want to do is protect him and not let anyone ever hurt his feelings.  
And just as quickly as the doors of bus #8 opened, they closed. 
And he was off.  And I did what so many other Mother's did today...I sat in my car and sobbed.  My baby is not my baby anymore.
I thought about Landon constantly throughout the day.  "Did he eat breakfast at school or did he eat his granola bar I packed?"  "Did he take a nap?"  "Did he cry?"

But his day went well.  And I received this email from his teacher this afternoon.  
"It is super hot here, but it looks like we're staying all day!  Landon is having an awesome first day.  He is such a great listener and he played well with his classmates during free choice time and outdoor time.  We're so excited to have him in our class :)  We're looking forward to a great (and hopefully cooler!) year." - Mrs. Dibble

That made my heart so happy!  After school, the bus took Landon to the after school program.  He was there for about 30 minutes before Jer picked him up.  Back at home, chocolate chip cookies and a surprise were waiting for him.
 Landon has been so talkative and has had so many things to share about his day.  I have loved hearing every second of it.  More importantly he is looking forward to tomorrow!

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