Sunday, September 9, 2012

NICC Fall Fest

This past Thursday night, Jer, the boys and I headed to Calmar for Northeast Iowa Community College's Fall Fest.
Every fall, NICC opens their campus and hosts family friendly events, a free will offering meal and the opportunity to bring the community together.  
Temps were nestled perfectly in the 70's, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was friendly and fun. 
Landon wasn't interested in any games or activities, but he did want a balloon animal.  So, we stood in line for an hour to get a balloon from one of the two balloon artists.  Landon's request, a sword.  Yes, a plain and simple sword.  One that was already pre-made waiting to get turned into something so much more complex.  A sword with a holder, a dog, a monkey.  No thank you, just a sword please. (Sorry forgot a picture!)
The other hit of the night, cheetos. A hit with Landon and a new love for Asher.  Asher couldn't get enough of the crunchy orange snack.  As you can see, Asher also loved some moo mobile milk shake!

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